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LOLA (Dam)

J’Adore von den Donau-Wirbeln (Lola) (JH, N/A Prize 3) is exactly what we all strive for in a GSP.  She’s an original…just look at her pedigree.  She came to us straight from Romania.  Lola is Hege-Haus through and through…top and bottom.  Although we in America have done a great job with German Shorthairs, Germany has kept the breed as true as possible, and no one does it better than Donau-Wirbeln and Hege-Haus.  Lola has a brilliant mind and more than her share of natural ability in the field…Plus, she’s a real sweetheart in the home.  Lola is far from a dainty female GSP that we are so used to in the states.  She’s the real deal.  A tough girl, built to hunt. 


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