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Meet, Highfires Whiskey In The Jar (Lizzy, N/A Prize 2, 108 Pts.).  Lizzy is the product of extensive research and homework to produce exactly what we are looking for in a personal hunting dog, loving pet and breeder to continue our line of superior German Shorthaired Pointers.  Lizzy’s pedigree should tell you all you need to know about her.  Her pedigree is absolutely stacked with Master Hunters and NAVHDA Prize winners.  Lizzy was a real treat as a young puppy.  Always eager to learn and well-mannered in the house around dogs and people.  In the field, Lizzy is definitely a fun and easy dog to hunt behind.  She utilizes the wind to her favor, listens to field commands well and always retrieves to hand at a sit.  But let’s not forget her looks and style.  Lizzy looks like a magazine cover photo on every point.  We’re proud to call her our own and look forward to what she’ll produce for others.  OFA hips Excellent and elbows Good. 

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