Our puppies are bred from the absolute best of the best bloodlines from both
America and Germany. Intelligence, style, trainability, hunting desire, natural
ability, and “that look” is what you’ll find in a Highfire German Shorthaired Pointer

The bloodlines we use are Hege-Haus (Germany), the oldest, longest-lasting
DK/GSP bloodline in the world. Hege-Haus dogs are true originals, resulting in
incredible prey drive, intelligence and conformation. From America we use DC
Hillhavens Hustler and Sharp Shooter lines…both having long histories of
producing outstanding hunters.

Highfire Kennels is the home of (Axl) Truman vd Westwind (Hillhaven’s Huster
line), (Lola) J’Adore von den Donau-Wirbeln (Hege-Haus line), and (Lita) Standing Stones Little Miss Dangerous (Sharp Shooter line). With our crosses, we have been able to produce exceptional puppies that show all the qualities we look for in a solid gundog.


Scott and Jarm Wineland-Illinois

“Good breeding is no accident. John Soehn of Highfire Kennels knows German
Shorthair Pointers and produces exceptional pups backed by top bloodlines. The
pups were well socialized by John and his family, introduced to pigeons, and raised
in a clean, active environment. John is passionate about the breed, and it shows!
We are training our pup for deer recovery. “Arrow”, AKA Highfires Carbon Express,
completed her first “find” at 10 weeks. Obedience training is a breeze. This girl has a
phenomenal nose, learns new tasks quickly, is absolutely fearless with great drive, a
retrieving maniac, and a true best friend who loves to snuggle on the sofa.
We recommend anyone interested in a dog for hunting, nose work, obedience, or
agility take a good look at the solid dogs of Highfire GSPs and give John a call.
Thank you John for this incredible pup, an absolute joy to love and work with!!!”

Brent and Betty Temple-Michigan

“Our world changed the moment we picked her up. She has been an absolute
sweetheart! Her temperament and disposition are a perfect blend of high energy
and snuggles! She has learned commands with ease and LOVES the outdoors just as
much as her place on the couch. We cannot say enough good about her and look
forward to many great years ahead of us.”

Chris Gonzales-Indiana

“It won’t take long for you to recognize how passionate John and Carole are about
their Shorthairs. John trains and hunts his dogs and is very knowledgeable about the
training process. I’ve texted him multiple times with questions regarding training, e-
collars, diet, timelines, etc. Pick-up day is the beginning of a journey and John has
been there every step of the way.
John could tell you all about the great pedigree of his dogs but when you watch them
work, it speaks for itself. My pup learns very quickly, has a lot of drive, and is very
confident and bold thus far with her training. Often GSPs are advertised as upland

dogs only but she has really impressed me thus far in her shed hunting training.
Within two weeks she was finding sheds in 3-6 foot tall thicket relying solely on her
nose since the sheds weren’t at all visible. I find myself constantly looking for new
ways to challenge her and she continues to succeed even though she’s only 5 months
I would absolutely recommend HFK to anyone who is looking for an awesome
hunting companion, a great buying experience, and support from people that are
passionate about what they do.”

Mary Kirk-Illinois

“Wanted to take a moment to say how thankful we are to have found Highfire
Kennels! John was so communicative and pleasant from the very start and proved
to be flexible and understanding preceding pick-up. We couldn’t be happier with
Hazel and look forward to watching her grow.”

Ken Deprey-Wisconsin

“We are very pleased with the progress of Lucy. She is very energetic and
intelligent. She will make a great hunting dog. John did a great job keeping us
informed with pics and updates from the time she was born to the time we received
her. Thanks, John…great job. Excellent pedigree pup!”

Brimfield, Illinois

Tel: 309-645-6218

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